Summer Solstice 2019 - How are you celebrating?

June 21st is the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, noted as our longest day of the year.  A solstice occurs when the Earth's axis is tilted most closely toward the sun.  The Earth’s axis of rotation is tilted about 23.4 degrees relative to Earth's orbit around the sun - it is this tilt that drives our seasons.

Solstices have played a significant role throughout our history.  Some of the ancient and not so ancient rituals and festivals around solstice time include:

  • Stonehedge:  On the summer solstice, the Heel Stone, which stands outside Stonehenge’s main circle, lines up with the rising sun.
  • Inca New Year:  During the Southern Hemisphere’s winter solstice on June 24th, the Inca Empire celebrated Inti Raymi, a festival that honored the Inca religion’s powerful sun god Inti and marked the Inca new year.
  • Midnight Sun Game in Fairbanks, Alaska: Fairbanks can get up to 22.5 hours of daylight in the summer.  To celebrate, Fairbanks residents hold the Midnight Sun (Baseball) Game - it has been played 114 times since 1906! 


To learn more about what solstice and our history of celebrating the occasion, check out this article featured in National Geographic


Happy Summer from Vivacity :)

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