Vivacity visit to Fabscrap NYC


Camille of Fabscrap Vivian of Vivacity

During my recent trip to NYC, I had the chance to visit FABSCRAP at their garment district location to meet with cofounder Camille Tagle.

FABSCRAP is addressing textile waste problem in the fashion industry by collecting, sorting and reselling (or upcycling) unwanted textile waste in the local NYC garment industry.

I toured the FABSCRAP Shop off of West 26th Street in Manhattan on a cold early afternoon.   

fabscrap fabric rolls for sale

Besides all the leftover rolls of fabric and scraps from local cut and sew contractors that they collect, sort and resell, FABSCRAP also works with a local group to shred any unusable scraps/textiles.

shredded recycled fabric for stuffing fabscrap shredded fabric felt for insulation

This shredded fabric becomes insulation material for building contractors or stuffing for pillows and other home goods.

Thanks to its early success, FABSCRAP is in the process of establishing a West Coast location, most likely in the Los Angeles area.  They have started a campaign to help raise funds for this new location.

For more information on FABSCRAP and their campaign, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

We can’t wait for the future Southern California location!

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