What are your intentions for 2018?

What a way to start the new year! Those of us on the west coast of the US had the opportunity to view last week the super blue blood moon , a lunar event that has not been seen since 1866!!!

Check out this video from NASA in case you missed it.

As 2018 gets underway - did January fly by for you as it did for me? - I'd like to put my intentions out there for 2018 and beyond.

Do something that 'scares' you 

I'm paraphrasing a quote attributed to one of my heros, Eleanor Roosevelt.  I'm not advocating dangerous behavior here - I'm just saying maybe try something that you may not normally do or are uncomfortable doing.  Maybe it's creating a painting or learning how to play pickle ball or speaking in front of an audience.

When I started to play golf, I was petrified of going out with strangers on the golf course.  I felt so incompetent and worried that these other "pros" would make fun of me and not want to play.  I soon learned that everyone with whom I played were focused on their own game.  And darn it, golf is hard for everyone!  So I relaxed and began to really enjoy myself.

Take care of yourself - eat well, sleep well and socialize with people you make you feel good

Many of us start off the new year with all good intentions of eating well, exercising and getting plenty of rest.  Some of us set goals to lose a certain amount of weight or fit into those pair of skinny jeans that are sitting way in the back of our closet. 

I'm not so sure this is healthy.  I've learned over the years that the path to good health is not losing a few pounds, but feeling strong, confident and overall happy and content. 

We are all works in progress - this is part of living and growing.  

What about starting with the basics for healthy eating:  how about an apple instead of chips if you are in a snacking mood?  Carry a full water bottle with you and you'll be amazed how much more water you will drink throughout the day.

Here's a good article from Self Magazine on some healthy eating tips https://www.self.com/story/easy-ways-to-develop-healthy-eating-habits

Why not create a sleep environment in your bedroom that promotes good sleep - keep the sun out in the morning and keep those electronics AWAY from the bed so they do not disturb you at night?  

This is an interesting overview on WebMD about the benefits of getting a good night's sleep https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/features/9-reasons-to-sleep-more#1

Reach out to people who make you feel good and are supportive - and support them back.  All that good energy amongst groups of friends will only make you and them much more happy and content.

There is a good article on Scientific American about the importance of being social which definitely makes a case for this  https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/streams-of-consciousness/the-importance-of-being-social/

Keep on learning

I recently spoke to a high school senior who talked passionately about her love of learning.  She was so excited when she talked about a recent book she had read and also about her latest experience with working with her school administraton about addressing racism. 

This wise 18 year old may have figured it out early on in her life.

What drives us to achieve in school, in our career?  Is it that next promotion or buying the latest gadget?  Or is it gaining new understandings on how something works or doesn't work and how one may be able to improve upon it?

 I love to read and plan to do some good reading this year in new topics for me that may not relate directly to making and selling clothes.  Who knows what one can glean from others in different fields?

Here's a sample of best reads of 2017 from National Public Radio https://apps.npr.org/best-books-2017/


Give back

Selfishly I cannot tell you how good I feel when I work with one of the non-profits I support.  I do make it a point to spend time with these organizations and with the people they serve.  I plan to continue working and giving to Rady Children's Hospital and Pro Kids/First Tee of San Diego, two organizations that serve children in the San Diego area with healthcare and education, two areas I'm very committed to continue supporting.


What are your intentions for 2018?  How can we help?  Please share your thoughts and ideas.

Happy 2018!



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